Historical Timeline

Timeline for the Karak Thorinkin. All Dates use the Imperial calendar - some notes linked to additional information.

The fall of Dru Grimthorn and the retreat to Karak Azul. This is also the year of the death of Thorin Metalturner after his duel with the Giant Ozgod Bonecrusher.

-335 to -265
The time of Thorins people. The survivors of the chaos storm who fought their way out of Dru Grimthorn establish a new home among the Dwarves of Karak Azul.

-265 to -250
The long march from Karak Azul reaches the mountains of Tilea and the survivors of Dru Grimthorn, now known as the Thorinkin, establish their new home - Karak Thorinkin.

Ntahd Ogreender of Clan Hundhōlm assumes Kingship of Karak Thorinkin from Gundrim Kaligsson, and embarks on preparations for the Great Restoration.

The year of the great plague, it swept most of the Old World including Karak Thorinkin

1125 - 1135
The time of the Sundering when King Nthad is murdered by Llald the Usurper and his Clan choose voluntary exile rather than spark a civil war within Karak Thorin. In 1135 Llald is overthrown and killed and his kin banished from Karak Thorinkin by the sons of Ardak Redfist

1297 - 1300
King Kalderbek Gadanrin decision to join a human expedition to the continent causes the Royal Thanes to rebel.  Despite this large numbers of Dwarfs join the expedition.  Of the hugee force that landed on Lustria in 1298/9 only 60 Dwarfs led by Glodreg Steelhammer return home to Karak Thorinkin.

1430 to 1432
A series of earthquakes tear apart the land around Karag Gloin and partially destroy the mining colony of Dulgwidor. The earthquakes open up new fissures and tunnels under many of the settlements, and the first Skaven begin to appear in the holds southern lands.

1435 to 1442
The settlements around Karag Gloin including the great mining colony of Dulgwidor are overrun by Skaven and finally abandoned after years of fighting. The survivors return to Karak Thorinkin.

1608 - 1692
The Goblin invasions of Karak Thorinkin, Tilea and Southern Bretonnia, and time of Thoelik Balagsson, later and forever to be known as Thoelik Goblinhewer. From the Clan Thoelik - 'Defenders of the Hold' - he is only the fourth clan member to bear its fathers name in 2000 years.

Death of King Stellaz Grudgebearer at the hands of the Goblin Kridug Boarkeeper. Stellaz's body and war axe are later recovered by Thoelik Balagsson who alone braved the camp of the goblin army to retrieve his fallen King and return him to Karak Thorinkin. Thoelik assumes the leadership of the Dwarves of Karak Thorinkin but does not take the title of King.

Glorurt the son of Thoelik Balagsson is killed and his army defeated at the battle of 10000 tears, by the Goblin Lord Yakbin Hairchewer. Thoelik takes the Slayer oath and vows to avenge his sons death with the deaths of 10000 goblins, and Yakbin Hairchewer.

Battle of Drumman Moor. Where Thoelik Balagsson earns the name 'Goblinhewer' from the men of Bretonnia when his army defeats a large goblin force under the command of Gothmog Sporefilth besieging a Bretonnian outpost. In an epic single combat lasting half a day Thoelik defeats Gothmog and carries his head back to Karak Thorinkin.

Thoelik defeats the giant Zufil Slaughterbreath and his army at the battle of the Crystal River. The victory sees the end of the goblin horde in the holds eastern reaches.

The army of Karak Thorinkin is defeated at the battle of Karag Belak, Thoelik himself suffers terrible wounds and only barely recovers. Goblins continue to control the holds Northern reaches.

The Goblin horde in the Northern reaches is defeated and its remnants scattered to the four winds, by a force of men from Bretonnia and Thoeliks army. The goblin threat to Karak Thorinkin, Tilea and Southern Bretonnia is ended. The Thorinkin beg Thoelik to finally take up the crown of Karak Thorinkin. But he again refuses saying that he is yet to fulfill his Slayer oath and avenge his son's death. He instead passes the crown to his remaining son and leader of the Clan Thoelik and leaves the hold never to return.

Lord Stromni Tholiksson becomes King of Karak Thorinkin, his reign begins a period of prosperity not seen since the destruction of the holds southern colonies.

Ogre incursions into the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Battle of the 100 Cannons. King Stromni Tholiksson marches to Karaz-a-Karak to help defeat them.

Lord Druegar Stromnisson becomes the new King of Karak Thorinkin after the death of his father Lord Stromni Tholiksson at the Battle of Skull River. The battle was between the army Karak Thorinkin and the remnants of the Ogre incursions defeated the previous year at the Battle of the 100 Cannons.

Chaos Storm erupts across the Old World, Archeons forces march into the human lands known as the Empire and fighting erupts along the entire length and breadth of the Worlds Edge Mountains. [Read Battle Report]

Chaos assualt on Karak Thorinkin is defeated.

In what the outside world called the 'Battle of the Bretonnian crossroads' but the what the Dwarves of Karak Thorinkin now refer to as the 'Day of Blood' Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson kinsmen of King Druegar is killed fighting Archeon and his Chaos horde. The few survivors of the battle tell of how Kurgin was literally torn apart by Archeon and his warriors devoured by his army as the sun set over the battlefield. [Read Battle Report Part 1] & [Part 2]

Lord Bredgar Stonecutter and Clan Morgrall defeat a large Chaos force along the Northern borders of Karak Thorinkin as King Druegar marches the rest of the holds army west to battle Archeon. [Read Battle Report]

King Druegar Stromnisson leads the army of Karak Thorinkin in battle against the remnants of Archeons defeated Chaos horde, and is wounded fighting Chaos Spawn and Dragons west of the Copper Mountains. [Read Battle Report]

2525 - 32
Skaven incursions threaten Karak Thorinkin's northern borders and outlying farming settlements. These are beaten off but only with heavy losses including some of the holds few remaining Runesmiths. [Read Battle Report]

King Druegar Stromnisson gives Grimgor Thalek permission to lead an expeditionary force to the abandoned mining settlement of Dulgwidor. Following the recent storm of chaos the hold is in dire need of additional resources and the mines at Dulgwidor, if they can be reopened, offer a plentiful supply of iron, gold and Druegar hopes Gromil.

Master Engineer Grimgor Thalek and his expeditionary force are surrounded and wiped out by a combined force of Lizardmen and Chaos Warriors at the mining settlement of Dulgwidor. [Read Battle Report]

King Druegar Stromnisson joins with the High Elves of the Tilean colonies in defending their lands from the forces of Chaos still threatening the Old World. [Read Battle Report Part 1], [2], [3] & [4]

King Druegar Stromnisson marches into the lands of Sigmar to fulfil a 1000 year old Grudge against the descendants of a Baron Northover of Bromley. The Baron is killed in single combat by the King himself and the grudge struck from the Holds book.

2589 - 2596
Druchi begin to make regular incurions into Thorinkin lands and those of the Border Princes (recently weakened through plague).  These increase in strength forcing the Thorinkin into an inevitable series of major battles against Druchi forces.