About this Blog

This blog is the fluffy story behind my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs. It mixes storylines from official GW material and the results of WHFB games I play using my Dwarfs. All dates are based on the Imperial Calendar used by GW and its various publications, and I have tried to incorporate and follow the official GW fluff as much as possible.

Basically each time I play a game of WHFB using my Dwarfs or a series of games this provides an opportunity to turn that game into a historical event which can be inserted into this narrative.  For example the stories on the Wood Elf wars reflect a constant series of matches against a particular Wood Elf player and the Lustrian expedition story was inspired by constantly facing Lizardmen opponents at tournaments in 2010.  In most cases I have put a little note at the beginning of each post explaining, briefly, where the inspiration for the story came from.

To learn more about the Thorinkin either scroll through the various posts on the blog or look through the list of historical archives.  The best place to start is with the Origins of the Thorinkin and the fall of Dru Grimthorn in Imperial Year -335 and the story of the "Foundation of Karak Thorinkin -335 to -250".  The historical timeline also gives a large number of clues as to the the development and progress of the Thorinkin, as the people of Karak Thorinkin are called, over the last 3000 years.

While there are some inconsistencies between some of the earlier stories and the more recent articles hopefully once my stock of stories etc is fully uploaded everything will fit together.

While I do all of this purely for my own enjoyment it is nice to know what other people think so feel free to comment.