Kings of Karak Thorinkin

Kuhali Stonecutter 816 – 935
The last King of Clan Morgal with no sons to pass his crown onto his kinsman Kinag Nordumnsson from Clan Theolik took up the crown upon his death.

Ntahd Ogreender 1025 – 1125
The 'Sunderer', he sought to return the Thorinkin to their ancestral home of Dru Grimthorn to rebuild after the plague of 1111. Murdered by Llald the Usurper his clan, Clan Hundhōlm, chose exile in the East rather than fight their own kin.

Llald Tunnelcut 1125 – 1135
The 'Usurper', it was his short reign that led to the exile of Clan Hundhōlm and the striking of their name and deeds from the annuls of Karak Thorinkin. Overthrown by the sons of Ardak Redfist who later banished his kin from the hold as punishment for his deeds

Kalderbek Gadanrin 1197 - 1300
Reigned over a period of prolonged growth for Karak Thorinkin and is credited with firmly establishing the holds existing relationships with the Umgi of the Border Princes.  His long riegn ended in shame when his gold lust caused the Clan Thanes to rebel against his Kingship after he led countless Dwarfs to their deaths in the jungles of Lustria against their wishes.

Glodreg Steelhammer 1301 -  1433
Named the "Steadfast" he disobeyed his Clan Thane to join King Kalderbek on the Lustrian expedition. Such was his bravery in leading the survivors home and the strength of his will in reuniting the clans that he was given the crown upon his return.

Stellaz Grudgebearer 1434 – 1609
The "Long-Lived" he was 427 when he died, Stellaz restored the hold's wealth and power after the disastrous Lustrian expedition, the loss of the settlements of Karag Gloin and the Skaven incursions.

Thoelik Goblinhewer 1609 – 1690
Balagsson, the king who never was, he who saved Karak Thorinkin during the Goblin wars and returned the body of Stellaz Grudgebearer to his people. Weilder of Stellaz's Axe which he passed to his son before departing the hold to take up his Slayer oath. Some legends tell that his spirit will return to defend the hold during its time of greatest need.

Ragani Thoeliksson 1690 – 1762
The 'Steward', he took the crown offered to his father Thoelik after the end of the Goblin wars, but never wore it. Named the steward he left the throne of Karak Thorinkin empty throughout his reign.

Stromni Tholiksson 2373 – 2520
The 'Righteous' who laid to rest those grudges sown at the time of Sundering when Clan Hundhōlm was exiled from the hold.

Druegar Stromnisson 2520 – Present
The present king of Karak Thorinkin brought reluctantly to the throne after the death of his father Stromni Tholiksson at the Battle of Skull River. Under his leadership Karak Thorinkin has entered a period of prosperity not seen since the time of Stellaz Grudgebearer. However, the Storm of Chaos has laid a shadow over his reign following the death of his kinsman Kurgan Hadrinsson at the Day of Blood.