Dwarven Lore

A basic primer of key aspects of Dwarven lore taken from various official and unofficial sources.

The Ancestor Gods
Valaya - Goddess of Home & Healing, Wife of Grungi, Mother of Smednir and Thungi.
Grungi - God of Mining and Stoneworking, the Metalworker
Grimnir - Grungis brother and God of Warriors. He protected the Dwarfs during the great migration to the Worlds Edge mountains and is seen by many in Karak Thorinkin as the partron ancestor of the Thorinkin.  Indeed several cults claim that Thorin Metalturner himself was Grimnir or at the very least a direct descendant.
Gazul - A lesser ancestor god and prtoector of the dead.

Lesser Gods
Smednir - Shaper of Ore, offspring of Valaya and Grungi
Thungi - God of Runesmiths, offspring of Valaya and Grungi
Morgrim - God of Engineers, offspring of Grimnir

Dwarven Language
While the Dwarven language is a closely guarded secret there are some commonly used words with which many Umgi (Men) are familar.

Ankor - Realm
Drakk - Dragon
Gazan - Plains
Grobkaz - Goblin work
Grimaz - Barren place
Grung - Mine
Irkul - Pillored Vault
Kadrin - Mountain Pass
Karag - Volcano
Karaz - Mountain
Kazad - Fortress
Mingol - Watchtower or lowland
Noggrund - Devastated area
Stromez - Stream
Thingaz - Forest
Umgi - Men
Und - Mountain watchpost
Ungdrin Ankor - Underway
Urbaz - Trading post
Urk - Orc
Valdahaz - Brewery
Varn - Mountain lake
Ungor - Cavern
Vorn - Farm
Zhuf - Fast flowing river
Zorn - Upland plateau