Clans of Karak Thorinkin

Clan Theolik
Defenders of the Hold, The Goblin Killers & those of Pure Blood

The ruling clan of Karak Thorinkin for some 1600 years. Clan Theolik are the direct descendants of Theolik IV the Goblinhewer the unbidden King of Karak Thorinkin during the Goblin Wars of 1609 - 1690, and of a line of Kings stretching back to 935. It was Theolik Balagsson only the fourth to bear the name of the Clans father who earned the clan the title of Goblin Killers, for it was Clan Theolik who bore the brunt of the fighting against the hordes of Yakbin Hairchewer and Zufil Slaughterbreath. But it is their descent from the warriors who defended the bridge of Karak Azul with Thorin Metalturner for which they are most renowned. Standing with Thorin that morning were Theolik Bagdorson and three of his four sons, the fourth born on the long retreat had been taken to safety in Karak Azul. It was Theolik himself who as the last warrior remaining threw himself at the feet of Ozgod Bonecrusher in an attempt to save Thorin. It is for their sacrifice on the bridge, that Theoliks remaining son and his kin have assumed their rightful place on honor and power in Karak Thorinkin. It is rumoured that Clan Theolik along with Clan Ragnell are the only members of the hold whose bloodline was untainted while at Karak Azul, hence the title given to them by many of the other clans - 'Those of pure Blood'.

Clan Morgral
Lords of the North, The Pathfinders

Those who formed the vanguard on the Thorinkins long march from Karak Azul. Second only to Clan Theolik in strength and power, kin to Lord Kurgan Hadrinsson slain by Archeon at the Day of Blood.

Clan Ragnell
Lords of Smoke and Fire, Wards of Karag Gloin, The Watchers & Kin of Thorin sistersson

Descended directly from Thorin Metalturner himself, this is the smallest and most secretive clan in the hold and the masters of its Guild of Engineers. Despite their blood, or some say because of it, they renounced their claim on the throne of Karak Thorinkin for all time.

Clan Boerdin
Lords of the Deep, The Vermin Killers

Protectors of the underway and the deep places, Clan Boerdin is home to the Miners and Ironbreakers of Karak Thorinkin, they alone (outside of Clan Thanes) have the right to wear Gromil armour.

Clan Vagar
Lords of the Water, Masters of the Runes

Home clan of the Runesmiths of Karak Thorinkin much of their blood line can be traced to the Dwarves of Karak Azul and refugees from other settlements, that like those of Dru Grimthorn, found refuge there during the Chaos years.