Book of Grudges

Ozgod Bonecrusher -335
For the death at his hands of Thorin Metalturner father of our hold and 2nd only to Grimnir in our hearts.

The kin of Llald the Usurper 1135
For the betrayal of his king, hold, honor and clan.  His regicide led to the sundering and exile of Clan Hundholm.  He and his kin for all time are hereby Grudgesworn enemies of the Thorinkin under everlasting sentence of death.

Baron Northover of the Empire 1234
For a betrayal that led to the death of a thane of Clan Ragnall and death of our kin during battle.

Yakbin Hairchewer Goblin Boss 1622
For the death of Thoelik Balagsson

Archeon Lord of Chaos 2525
For the death at his hand of Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson kinsmen of King Druegar Stromnisson

Wood Elves of the River Skiros 2545
For the burning of our brewery, attacks on our kin and allies

Wood Elves of River Skiros 2575
For the death of King Druegar Stromnisson & being sneaky pointy eared tree dwellers.