Karak Thorinkin & its neighbours

Relations with other Dwarfs

Ankor Thorinkin or the Kingdom of Karak Thorinkin like all Dwarf holds maintains links with the various Dwarven holds and kingdoms scattered around the old world. Many of those links are due to blood relationships, others from long held vows of friendship and honor, while others are a matter of convenience only.

However, the rise of the Skaven throughout the Vaults and the Worlds Edge Mountains, the Chaos Wars, and constant incursions by Ogres, Orcs and Goblins have reduced the ability of many holds to communicate with eachother. Many have been cut off from their brethren for centuries and exist only as myth or rumour. Others as a result of the grudges that often come between Dwarfs do not communicate out of long held hatreds.

Karak Thorinkin nearest neighbours are the Dwarven kingdoms/holds of Karak Izor and Karak Narn, and like all Dwarven holds they maintain allegiance to the High King at Karaz a Karak although they have not had any contact with Karaz a Karak for nearly a 1000 years.

Karak Izor
The Thorinkins closest Dwarven neighbour located to the east of Karak Thorinkin past the Human settlement of Hochstadt. Karak Izor is regarded as friendly enough and more recently its relationship with Karak Thorinkin benefited after they allowed the throng of Karak Thorinkin to march through their lands on the way to the Barony of Bromley in the Southwestern region of the Empire in 2559. This was so the then King Druegar Strominisson could avenge a Grudge.

Karak Izor also joined with the Thorinkin in sending troops to the Empire during the Chaos incursions. However, relations overall have remained strained (despite the events of 2559) as members of Clan Morgral, kin of Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson killed by Archeon at the Day of Blood in 2525 suspect that his death was Karak Izor's fault. Clan Morgral believing that Karak Izors King cowardly delayed sending his forces to join those of Lord Kurgin thus leaving him to face Archeon and his Chaos horde alone. These suspicions though are kept quiet and solely within the Clan itself primarily as King Druegar Stromnissons Wife is a sister of Karak Izors current King.

Karak Narn
Located in the mountain range that extends northward between the Empire and Brettonia Karak Narn has maintained minimal contact with Karak Thorinkin. Only recently in 2559 when the Thorinkin marched into the Empire to resolve the Grudge with Baron Northover was more regular contact established. The northern Dwarfs though are viewed with suspicion due primarily to their habit of drinking slightly weaker ale than the Thorinkin.

Dwarves of the Worlds Edge Mountains
Aside from Karak Azul the Thorinkin have no real contact with the eastern Dwarven holds. Even with Karak Azul (the ancestral refuge of the Thorinkin) contact is sporadic at best the last recorded official contact with the holds of the Worlds Edge mountains occured some 1000 years ago. Only stories of the lost of Clan Hundholm have reached the Thorinkin since then and it is suspected (quite rightly) that Skaven and Grobbi are to blame for the Thorinkins isolation from their ancestral home.

Relations with other minor holds in the Apuccini Mountains & the Vaults are more frequent. Numerous small Dwarven settlements and holds are scattered across these areas with at least a dozen are within 1-2 weeks march over the mountains from Karak Thorinkin. However, Karak Thorinkin remains the largest and strongest Dwarven Hold in this part of the Old World and as such the majority of these smaller settlements owe their allegiance to the Thorinkin and their King.

Relations with Humans

There are a huge number of human settlements surrounding Karak Thorinkin (the humans breeding like rabbits compared to Dwarfs) which is also bordered by several large human realms: Border Princes to the South, Brettonia and Tilea to the West & Northwest and the Empire to the Northeast. Relations with the humans are largely indifferent with the exception of those settlements within the Border Princes region, particularly those located around the River Skiros. These are very strong and the Thorinkin have a number of important treaties with various settlements in the area. Key human settlements with which the Thorinkin regularly deal are:

The closest major settlement to Karak Thorinkin and the only major one actually found within the mountain ranges themselves. The Thorinkin maintain a fortress (Khazad Thufill) near to Domatburg helping guard passes through the mountains and the trade road that links the town and the hold together. Relations between the two peoples are very strong with the Thorinkin actually constructing Domatburgs defences and providing support for the humans against Grobbi that infest the area. The relationship was strong enough that an area between Domatburg and Khazad Thufill was chosen by King Druegar Stromnisson as the site for the Holds new Brewery. Unfortunately this site was also close to forest areas that were home to nearby Wood Elf Kingdoms. Conflict between all the races over the Brewery would eventually lead to a major war between the Dwarfs and the Wood Elves into which the Humans of Domatburg were unfortunately drawn.

A large settlement and part of the trading network that links Karak Thorinkin with the Border Princes region.

The port city which now sits over the river mouth at which a large number of the Thorinkins ancestors landed on the long march from Karak Azul 3000 years ago. Decades of slow painful travel through the human lands of the Border Princes region gave the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin a more "open" approach to relations with humans than other Dwarfs. Indeed a number of Thorinkin remained in this area during the Long March and over 3000 years many more have settled permanently among the human population.

These Dwarfs are an important part of the Thorinkins realm. While not officially listed as a Clan of the Thorinkin they are regarded as ancestral members of the hold and a recognised part of the Kingdom. Known among the less polite Thorinkin as the Clan of Shopkeepers, these more-human Dwarfs help oversee the strong trading links between Karak Thorinkin and the many settlements in the Border Princes region.

A minor human settlement notable only for its location equi-distant between Karak Thorinkin and Karak Izor and its location on the only proper road between the two holds. As a permanent human settlement it has struggled as it sits at the centre of a major Orc & Goblin infestation made up of at least 5 major Grobbi tribes. From time to time forces from Karak Thorinkin and Karak Izor make forays into the area to keep the Grobbi at bay and to keep the road open. However, over the last 200 years this has proved harder and harder and the Chaos Wars eventually put paid to any real hope the Dwarfs had of removing the Grobbi menace for good.

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