Origins of Karak Thorinkin

Imperial year -335 to -250

New beginnings: Karak Azul -335 to -265
70 years had now passed since the arrival of the survivors of Dru Grimthorn at Karak Azul and the death of Thorin Metalturner. In that 70 years the survivors had grown in number and made new homes for themselves among the Dwarves of Karak Azul. Among those survivors Thorin was still honored. After the flight of the Orcs his body was buried near where he fell so his spirit could continue to guard the bridge that he died to defend, his mighty hammer was buried with him. Over the years his tomb became a shrine and a place of pilgramage for the survivors of Dru Grimthorn, who know called themselves 'The Thorinkin' or 'Thorins Kin'. While Karak Azul made them welcome the Thorinkin were not content. News of the defeat of the Orc army at the battle of Black Water had reached them not long after they had reached the hold, and many now longed to return to their old home. In the Imperial year -285 the Thorinkin announced their decision to leave Karak Azul and return to their homes at Dru Grimthorn, or perhaps form their own hold in a new place far from the lands whose memory held such sadness for them.

The King of Karak Azul was gracious and granted the Thorinkin many gifts to enable them to build and defend their new hold. The brave retreat of the refugees to Karak Azul and the legend of Thorin Metalturner were held in high esteem at Karak Azul. Thorinskin had work hard in their new home and their skills and efforts had advanced the holds power and standing in the Worlds Edge Mountains. It took 20 years for the Thorinkin to prepare themselves for their journey, 20 years before they were ready to leave and start a new. Finally in the Imperial Year -265 they left. A top the walls of Karak Azul the King and his people watched with some sadness as the Thorinkin marched from the hold their long caravan moving west and northwest toward the memory of home.

The Long March: Karak Azul to Karak Thorinkin: Imperial Year -265 to -250

The trek northward took the Thorinkin back through the Worlds Edge Mountains and to the ruins of Dru Grimthorn. Afte 70 years nothing remained of what had once been their home and none of the Thorinkin wished to remain there. Among their number were Dwarves of Karak Azul married into the Thorinkin during their short time there. They told of lands to the West near those of the humans that would be welcoming. With no thought of returning to Karak Azul and only the burning desire to rebuild their lives and honor still further the memory of Thorin Metalturner the Thorinkin marched on. For 15 years they marched through the mountains, across the badlands, then via ship from Barak Var to the coast of Tilea. From their the Thorinkin marched northward toward the human empire of Bretonnia. Many Dwarf settlements they passed on the way, and many a hold that would have welcomed them with open arms. But at none did they stray.

Only at one point did they stop a Mountain they named Karag Gloin, there a small group stayed and formed the mining settlement of Dulgwidor that would soon serve the new hold of the Thorinkin. Onward they marched until at last in a small valley, bounded by tall mountains and fresh water they stopped. To this day none know why this place called to them, some legends say that Thorin Metalturner himself lead them to it, others that the spirit of Griminar spoke to them. Whatever the reason, that small valley became their new home. Amid its deep fresh steams, forested hills, the Thorinkin found caves and rich mineral deposits. Using all their skills they began to delve deep and true into the mountains, and built the first homes in what would be called the Dwarven hold of 'Karak Thorinkin' the Fortress of the kin of Thorin.

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